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Web1on1 Botmock Bots

One of the challenges of creating bots as a Company is that you need Developers to create them for you. Would it not be nice if someone with no developer experience could create bots? Botmock is a bot conversation design platform in which you can drag and drop your bot together in a very intuitive flow interface. Web1on1 has the ability to read Botmock flows and use it to enable a Web1on1 bot. Because of this anyone can now design a bot and use it as a bot in their organization.

What do you need

To be able to use a Botmock bot in Web1on1 you need to have Web1on1 Admin rights and you need to have a Botmock account.

In the next chapter, we will create a simple Hello World bot, but just to show you that a botmock bot can do a serious amount of work here an example of bot we build in Botmock:

Botmock example

As you can see you can build serious bots with Botmock.

Go get a Botmock account and come back here to create a botmock bot together.