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Advanced metrics introduction

Chatshipper provides a Cube.js based API for BI metrics processing and extraction.

We have prepared some special collections that are the most powerful and expresive


This is the most powerful of all the collections as every action that happens on the CS servers is recorded in this collection using a grammatical approach to the collection.

Subject  This is the main actor of the event, who initiated the event
Verb, This describes the action that took place, like : create, view, update, delete
Direct Object, The object that was affected, like:  Article, Location, Form 
Indirect Object, The use varies according to the verb and direct object.
Prepositional Object.  Currently this is fixed to the actor organization, so events can be read: userX  created X on behalf of User Organization

We add some extra information you can check the schema section to read about this collection fields in detail.

This collection is the preferred method to extract statistics about our system.


All the mesages are stored and prepared for efficient operations, so major aggregations can be done quickly.

Named collections

The named collections like Articles, Users, Organizations can be used to extract metrics but they represent the state of these collections as they are at the moment when the query is requested. Deletions/Updates can affect the results.

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Advanced metrics introduction

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