Setting up a webhook

Before you start

Make sure you have a ChatShipper admin account.

Setting up the webhook

All bots listen to ChatShipper events via a webhook. With a webhook you can tell ChatShipper to send one or more events from ChatShipper to your bot (the url your bot is connected listening on). Let's create a new webhook by following the click directions in the image below:

Creating the webhook

Adding a webhook to your organization. Webhooks are found by:
(1) Selecting Settings > <Your Organization>
(2) Selecting Integrations sidebar
(3) Clicking on + on bottom right of page.

The webhook creation page will open. Configure it by following the directions in the image below:

ChatShipper Agent UI

(1) Fill in the Webhook URL (the ngrok https url from the previous chapter),
(2) Clicking on Create Service

When we created the webhook ChatShipper did a GET request on the webhook endpoint and expects it to return a 200 OK. And it did. But how, you might ask. The answer is the ChipChat SDK does this for us. It will create the GET endpoint for us and return the 200 OK for us.

actually it does a bit more, but that is outside the scope of this project

What do we have so far:

  • We have a running bot that listens to all events and logs them.
  • We have a webhook that pushes the default message and conversation events.

I think it is time for to test the bot